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Prescription for May 11, 1997
Are we alone in the universe?
Even those who're skeptical about extraterrestrial life will come away from today's prescription believing that we may well not be the only ones around. UFO Sightings In New Mexico and The World serves up plenty of fascinating evidence to explore and ponder.
New Mexico is, of course, the site of one of history's most famous alleged UFO incidents. Supposedly, an alien craft crashed in Roswell back in the 1940s.
Personally, I've always believed that the evidence in the Roswell case was rather flimsy and that the whole thing may well have been what the "official government version" said: that it was a balloon that crashed. But I still keep an open mind on the whole deal.
Speaking of an open mind, I'd suggest you bring one to this site---it serves up a great deal of mind-provoking evidence from many such cases from around the world. For example, there's a cool "UFO Sightings Database" that contains an amazing archive of scores of first-hand accounts of close encounters. No doubt, some of these stories are simply fanciful tales. But it does make you wonder: can they ALL be hoaxes? Regardless, they make for fascinating reading.
The same thing goes for the site's intriguing (and huge) collection of UFO photos. These range from the blurry and unconvincing to the intriguing. There's even a shot of the famous formation of UFO's that supposedly buzzed Washington D.C. in 1952 (and panicked a nation that was already suffering from the jitters over The Bomb and The Red Menace).
There's a great deal more to explore at this site, such as sightings maps (where you can read about UFO encounters that've been reported in your area). There's a place where you can submit your own UFO account. Plus there's tons of links to other UFO resources. Check it out!

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