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Subject: Re: UFOS in NEW MEXICO- Sighting Reports

I believe I witnessed an alien sighting about a week and a half before Thanksgiving 1996. I had just went to bed at about 1 or 2 in the morning on a Friday ,The wind was blowing kind of strangly as if it was going to storm or something. My husband was already in bed lying face down on the left side of the bed.I put my 2 and a half year old daughter in the middle and I then layed down on the right side.As soon as we laid down it started thundering and lightning,then rain started pouring down.There is a window right above our bed and to the left.Around 2 or 3 minutes after laying down something started making me feel very strange as if I was in some sort of a trance and it felt like something was pulling me from inside.At the same time something appeared on the upper part of the closet doors directly across from the window it was reddish in color and appeared to have big wings. Or someting on either side of it that were moving up and down.It all happened in about 1 minute or less. I also saw a shadow pass by the window to the left. Immediatly after experiencing this I reached over to my husband to see if he was awake or If he saw it. But he said he didnt and he doesnt believe me.I continued to feel strange for a week afterwards and ended up in the emergency room for what was said to be a nervous breakdown. To this day no one believes me,but I really believe it may have been an alien.S.A.,Texas Dec.24,1996.