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From: ()
Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

Below is the result of your feedback form.  
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on Thursday, January 1, 1998 at 20:47:40
location: alpha, nj    usa
date: july 18, 1997
time: 9:00-10:00 p.m.

sighting: Well all ufo sightings say that 
the object was in a saucer like shape , but 
must do not really see it close up. Here 
is my story of what happened. My friend and 
i were walking around my town at night since 
there was noting to do. We were near the edge 
of town where there is a cornfield behind houses 
and i looked up and saw something. my friend 
said it was a plane but i didnt think so. we 
stayed and watched it. it slowly started to 
descend sraight down very slowly. then it 
started to move towards us . All of a sudden it 
flashed and turned bright red. I turned and 
started to run because it scared the shit out of 
me . My friend grabbed me and said hold on . So 
we sat there and watched the object move towards 
us. However it wasn't coming straight at us it 
was moving in like an arch. as it moved in you 
could see like three diffrent lights. a big one 
near the middle about 2 ft high and one on both 
sides of it about 1 foot high. it came within 
about ten to twenty feet of us. What we saw was 
a bright light in the middle and one on each end 
in like a diamond shape . it was no wider than my 
arms spread a part and about 2 feet high at its 
peak point. it flew next to these trees near the 
back of this persons property we were standing on 
and it was a little lower than them. it made no 
noise but like a slight humming sound. it hovered 
by the trees for about 30 seconds. My friend was 
screaming and swearing and i mooned it. well it 
turned around remaining in the same spot and you 
could still see the ligths on the ends but there 
was like a little red dot in the middle of where 
the middle light was. then it sped off over these 
mountains in about 15 seconds. Now i don't know 
what the hell it was, how it hovered like that, 
or how it turned and took off over the mountains 
so quick but i would like to know some day. I was 
even tempted to call the FBI but my mom said that 
they would think i was crazy. I don't care if you 
don't believe me or if you think this is a hoax, 
but I would like for you to respond to this to 
maybe tell me that it wasn,t a plane or if you 
have any questions.               
email me at   

Webmaster wrote:
He mooned it!!!