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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
Below is the result of your feedback form.
It was submitted by (Qut university Brisbane Marcus Alick)
on Monday, June 2, 1997 at 21:32:06
name: Anon True
location: Mickleham Northern Victoria
date: 1982maybe83
time: middle of night

sighting: It was late at night and i was about 10 years old but my recolection is sincere. I woke and saw what can only be described as a classic ufo hovering over a neighbours paddock not less than 100 meters away. I dont know why i went to the window to look as that was totally out of character. I comepletely freaked and ran to my parents. I yelled and tryed to wake my parents up, my mum woke and told me to shut up and go to bed, but i was freaked and ended up hiding somewhere the rest of the night. I remeber the ufo clear as day and it was glowing a soft blue. The next morning mum remembered me waking her up so i didnt dream the whole thing. Another anomaly is that my neighbours son and I went to the exact spot where the craft was and found a large circle the approx size of the craft where vegetation was not promenant. It was a perfect circle and the neighbour told me it had been like that for as long as he could remember. The rest of the property was covered in trees,very thickly. Nothing like that has ever happened to me since and I swear by my mothers grave that i am being completely honest.

I am writing to change the email address of a sighting that i sent in. I put it as Marcus Alick and it should be MAtthew Walker. My student number is N2192951 and i am at Qut Brisbane university.