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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Hermantown MN
DATE-Sighting : October (later) 1988
TIME-Sighting : 8-8:30p.m.
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
Noted as bright white light western sky  approached area 
across from La Grand supper club sign on Hiway 53.  Noted 
a very large appearing object hovering over trees on 
opposite side from sign.  Lights were oval large appeared 
to rotate on a platform when it left.  I pulled off the 
hiway to observe.  A man was standing outside of his car 
with door open interior light on leaning on door and 
looking up at the object.  Noted no sound.  It just 
hovered and I was astounded at the size.  I observed it 
for approximately a few minutes then it moved quicky over 
to the other side of the road and it disappeared.  I went 
back the following day to the site and a vehicle with 4 
passengers was parked on the south bound lane pointing up 
at the direct vicinity of where the object was.  I was too 
frightened to stop and question them for fear I would be 
labeled crazy.  Told my family brother in law thought I 
was crazy and had "gone off the deep end"  

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