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Click on the link(s) below for several(200+)reports.
I have not had time to put the reports in seperate
pages, they are instead in large text files.
June-Aug_Reports#1 (54KB) June-Aug_Reports#2 (24.1KB) AUG-Sept_Reports (179KB) It may be easier to download and read offline. Here is a zip of All Three Archives.(76.6KB) Update: I have started to post any new submitted sightings as usual. I apologize for the rough content of these last archive files and also any repeats. I just could not keep up with the reports during those months. If you cannot find a report you sent in within any of these archives or anywhere else on the site, please re-submit and I will put it up. Jim...UFOSNMW Oct. 11,1998

UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World