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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, June 2, 1997 at 21:39:18
name: Bill
location: Reno, NV
date: 5/31/97
time: 8:30 PM

sighting: We were on the 8th floor of "Fitzgeralds" hotel/casino relaxing after dinner in our room. The room we were in had a nice bay window that gave a great view of the city and surrounding desert. We could also see the landing patterns of the planes coming in to the Reno airport.

My brother and I were watching friend was looking out the window enjoying the sunset with a cold one....

He then said "What's that funny light out's going crazy!"

I went over and looked out the window. Off to the right was a single point of light that seemed to be floating in the air. It gracefully moved up and down (and spiraled in circles at times) It's movement seemed random...yet graceful....almost like watching an insect flying in a light its attracted to. I never seen an airplane or helicopter move like this. Suddenly, it seemed to take off at a remarkable speed toward an airplane that was landing at the Reno airport. As it approached the plane, it descended rapidly...until it was almost near the ground....then it accelerated straight up until I lost sight....It wasn;t until we watched a few airplanes approach the airport before I realized that that thing was moving FAST!

Twenty minutes reappeared...this time over the El Dorado casino toward my left...It was still performing that same random motion. It would disappear above the clouds and then reappear again. At times it would seem to flicker bright and then dim.

We watched this for about twenty minutes. I never seen anything man made do this before (nor have I ever looked up in the sky and think I saw a UFO before....). From above, Reno must look like a giant beacon because of the surrounding desert. Or...the military has some new toy they are trying out since there are plenty of bases nearby.

If anyone saw anything like this, let me know....I'm still trying to figure this out!