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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
Below is the result of your feedback form.
It was submitted by (BMcKel11C@AOL.COM)
on Wednesday, June 18, 1997 at 10:46:21
name: James R. McKellar "Bobby"
location: Foreman, AR, USA
date: December 1987
time: approx 11-12 PM

sighting: I read Mr. Gordon's report from Ashdown, Arkansas an I felt that I needed to share this one with you. It was a few days before the end of the year, and outside of Foreman, Arkansas in a little community called Wallace, Arkansas there had been a "hotbed" of activity. Three friends and I had been "cruising" the backroads (called laterals) since early in the evening and for Wallace to have no actual population, it was amazing to see the approximately 200 to 300 cars in and along the roads. At least two of us had already had an experience with the phenomenon earlier in the month, and the excitement in the county had grown to a "fever pitch", with articles and pictures appearing in the local newspaper and on the local NBC affiliate. That particular night, we decided to stay later than usual since we had seen nothing and the amount of people in the usually deserted area was beyond belief. By about 10 PM, the thrillseekers had left and only the true UFO hunters were "creeping" around. We had positioned ourselves to the East of the main Waldrop Lateral at an intersection. From this point we could see to our SouthWest about a quarter of a mile away the power sub-station, and to our West Highway 41 going North- South. Everything else around us was empty fields, clumps of trees and empty roads---and very dark, too I might add. I, myself, had been scanning the Western sections and only saw a few odd lights that were definitely aircraft, but at approximately 11 PM all hell broke loose. Suddenly above the power sub- station a "ball" of reddish-orange light appeared and I promise you that it looked as if it were alive. It just sat there, and hovered over the station for maybe three or four minutes and as suddenly as it came, it was just gone. Well, I was terribly excited about this, because this had definitely been my "Closest" encounter to date---I mean less than a quarter of a mile away--that was really as close as I wanted it to be. Then, to our West, the "triangles" (as I've called them) started to appear. I want to say there were at least four of them that hovered and 'sat-down' in the open soybean field between one-half and one-eighth of a mile away. By now I was getting a little 'giddy', but was keeping most of my cool. Just at that something made me look directly ahead, my eyes caught a red light that resembled a car tail-light about 2-3 feet above the road bed. That's exactly what I thought it was, and really didn't pay too much attention to it. I began to look back to our West at the "triangles" (these were a series of three red lights in triangular form with another white or blue light 'off-center' in the upper third of the object). But just as suddenly as I had looked away from the red light, I looked back. I knew in the back of my mind that we had been the only car on that road when we pulled up and stopped there. The driver, my female friend, had her lights on and I promise there had been nothing in front of us. And if someone else had pulled up in front of us I certainly would have known it before then. Anyway, I reached over to my female friend, (the driver) and tapped her arm. She looked directly over at me and was a little annoyed at my breaking her attention away from her other observations. At this point all I could do was point, and I pointed to the light directly in front of us, her mouth fell open and "Oh my God" was all that came out. Our other two friends were in the back of the car and "Andy" (I'll use this name), had a camera. He had been attempting to take some pictures of everything that we were seeing, later we found out that nothing ever took. I reached back and grabbed Andy by the arm and told him to look in front of us, and like my friend he really couldn't say anything either. The other young lady in the back then became rather excited, (as was her manner) and really wanted us to get out of the area. I had summed up a few little 'guts' and wanted to see all that I could of what this was in front of us. I was mindful of the fact that this was still only a car tail-light, but was still a little uncertain anyway. I told Andy that I was going to open up the passenger door on my side and step out, and I wanted him to step out with me and snap any pictures that he could. He agreed, and I grabbed the door handle--I counted to three and popped open the door--Andy was right behind me. Man, I tell you, the whole world lit up around us, that little red light had become like an aircraft landing light--the car and the whole road in front of us was lit up like Christmas. I couldn't do anything and neither could Andy, but our friend in the back seat could. She first pulled Andy into the car between the seat and the doorframe. Then she reached up between the seats and pulled me into the car, all the time she was screaming and yelling for us to get out of there. I looked at the driver and told her to get going, and she did. She started the car, put it in drive and went right towards the damned thing. I couldn't believe it and I was yelling at her asking her what the hell was she doing, I mean this thing was no more than 100 feet away. She didn't answer, but just floored the car (an 1986-I believe -Camaro). This thing in front of us dimmed out a little and hovered in front of us steadily as we moved faster down the road. It was just like it matched our speed exactly. The driver had to have been doing 80 mph by the time we reached the first little "low-water" bridge on the road---the object VANISHED right there in front of us. We moved out towards Highway 32 and took of to the East back towards Ashdown. this was one of the scariest, but most exciting times of my life--I'll never forget it.

The Little River News in Ashdown, Arkansas has many pictures and articles on the happenings in the area, every winter I hear of more reports from that community and the surrounding area. To this date I know of more than 200 people PERSONALLY that have had close encounters.

I just wanted to say that you have a very interesting site. Maybe I can get some more info from The Little River News and FAX it to you sometime, I don't have a scanner so I can't send it to you like that. I hope the story is not too awful long, but it was so exciting to see that much going on at ONE time. Also, the four of us in the car were not boyfriend-girlfriend couples, we were just the only ones that wanted to hang around that long. The driver of the car, my friend Angie, had had an earlier experience with her mom and dad. They had been on the same road in the same area one early evening and they were literally chased away by a large white light that hovered and danced over their blazer for more than five minutes. Her dad even stopped the vehicle and got out with a handgun, the object moved off about 500 yards, but resumed the "chase" when he got back in the vehicle. That area is a weird one, but there is absolutely something going on there. Everyone from Police officer's to farmers, doctors, lawyers etc. has seen something there.

come see us some time, maybe we could find something :-)


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