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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Saturday, November 15, 1997 at 21:44:41
name: Bob Murphy
location: Ireland
date: late march 1996
time: 02.00hrs

sighting: I am a member of three piece band and we had been playing at a fortieth birthday in limerick city. We started home around 02.00hrs. The drummer who does not drink was driving, his wife was in the passenger seat, and I was in the rear leaning forward between the seats chatting. The night was intensely cold, about five below zero, so everything was covered with a white blanket of frost. As we came over a hill about five miles outside Limerick city, we spotted a very bright light in the sky about one mile ahead and to the east of our position. Our first thought was a helicopter, hovering over the Ardnachrusha canal. As we drove toward it it seemed to move to our left, but then we realized that it was us following the contours of the road. It was very bright, and about one hundred feet up. We rounded a corner just before a man made forest and there directly above us was the largest craft I have ever seen. The drummer stopped the car instantly and jumped out. I couldn't get out because the door latch was broken, so I rolled down the window and stuck myself out as far as I could. The craft was about seventy feet long and I guess fifty or more wide. It seemed to have a lozenge shape, and it hung in the air totally silent directly above us. If I had a catapult I could have bounced a stone off of it. It just sat there for about five minutes and then it drifted gently away, down toward the canal. We had the distinct feeling that we were being observed, and it gave us the creeps. Both the drummer and his wife were total sceptics, but they're not any more. I am very glad I had those two sceptics with me on that night,for I doubt would have believed what i had witnessed that night. I have no idea what it was, but I doubt that the Irish government are involved in covert aerial operations with very advanced aircraft. I will never again scoff at those who claim the saw something strange or unusual in the skies, I will however lend them a more sympathetic ear.
Bob Murphy