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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

Below is the result of your feedback form.  
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on Monday, January 19, 1998 at 21:58:05

location: Bucyrus, Ohio, USA

date: Feb/Mar 1970

time: 2 - 3 pm

sighting: I know this was a long time ago, 
and my mother who also saw this, is deceased 
so she cannot cooborate the story.  But, it 
really happened.

It was after 2:00 pm on a Sunday morning. I 
had come home late on Saturday night from a 
high school basketball game and my mother and 
I sat up listening to "skip" on a CB radio.  
She had a back injury and often could not sleep 
so she spent a lot of nights at the radio.  I 
was sitting on the floor, watching out the east 
window of our dining room.  I was watching two 
red lights that I thought were airplanes, sort 
of heading for each other.  I thought they looked 
as if they were awfully close to one another and 
similar in brightness.  I told my mother that 
they looked as if they were going to crash into 
one another, when instead ... they just did a 
semi-circular dance around each other and kept 
going!  I just couldn't believe it and jumped 
up to get closer to the window to take a look at 
these maneuvers.  The "plane" going toward the 
north turned around and headed back toward the 
other red light moving south.  I then noticed a 
white light hanging in the east just maybe 20-25 
degrees above the horizon. I mentioned to my 
mother that it was too late or even too early for 
a "morning star" that was no planet.  We had 
moved out to our kitchen to a wider window so we 
could both watch.  As my mother insisted that the 
white light was indeed a star, a third red light 
dropped out of the white light.  And then the 
white light ... almost instantaneously dipped 
slightly and appeared to move into nothingness!  
My mother and I just stood with our mouths open 
and I yelled at her that I was right! It had not 
been a star.  

The three red lights then met in formation and 
moved from the east toward our house.  It was a 
moonlit night and little or no clouds that we 
could notice.  Since it was cold, and we had no 
coats on, we didn't venture out but the three red 
lights moved right over our house.  We did not 
hear the sound of engines that we would have 
heard from an airplane or jet as they were not 
high in the sky.  We heard nothing.  We ran from 
the east side of the house to the west side as 
they moved overhead.  We stood in the bathtub 
watching out the window as the three red lights 
played in patterns until they could no longer be 
seen.  The patterns were as such:

 * * *    then    *       then  *                *
                                  *           *
                  *   *             *   or *

To form the pattern, one light would actually 
disappear only to reappear at another place in 
the pattern!

We were, till the day my mother died, not sure why 
all of our yelling did not awaken my father, as we 
felt as if we were screaming at one another!  But, 
while I had always felt that we were not alone in 
this wide universe, my mother had scoffed at my 
brother's tales of a UFO in the desert while he was 
in the Army in Ethiopia (1960-61?).  She did not 
scoff, thereafter, and admitted that it wasn't 
anything that seemed to be of known human technology.  
She would not contact the authorities to report it.  
And we saw nothing in our local newspaper to believe 
there had been any reports.  I am sorry I didn't write 
down the date or try to keep it.  But it would have 
been in 1969 or 1970, no later.    

I have vague recollections of two other occurances of 
unknown phenonmena at that house.  They occured while 
I was young, maybe at ages 5-6 (1959-1960) and maybe 
in 1963-64.  One was the recollection of a metallic 
object stationary in the clouds hovering nearby. I 
pointed it out to my parents, as we were all sitting 
on the porch on a weekend afternoon. It made me 
nervous as it did not move on, as would an airplane.  
My parents dismissed it as one of those "Sputnik" 
things and paid little attention to it. I believe I 
went into the house as I did not like it "watching us."  
I never really quite forgot that day.  

The other was a nighttime experience in that I found 
my room flooded with light in the middle of the night. 
There was the sound of thousands of crickets and the 
fact that my little blue transistor radio under my 
pillow was full of static. I turned the radio off, 
could not bear to look out of the window and slammed 
it shut (it was a funny type of door window on hinges) 
and went over to the bathroom again ... leaving the 
east side of the house and looking out the west. What 
really woke me up was the fact that I was staring at a 
nearly full moon in the west.  If that was the moon, 
then what was all that bright light and noise in the 
front of the house? I was just not up to knowing, and 
returned to put the pillow over my head and forced 
myself to sleep.  I asked my mother (who never slept 
well, often roamed the house at night and always knew 
when someone had come in our driveway) if she had saw 
the bright lights outside during the night and said 
that she was not aware of anything and told me I was 
dreaming.  Maybe so ... but to this day... while I 
can't prove anything. The first story I related, 
happened as sure as I am typing this.  Could the other 
two have been my active imagination?  I sure don't think 
so.  I have always had fairly good recall and remember 
many things from when I was 4 years old. I just think 
that I've been lucky to see these happenings.  And I 
hope that the sightings helped to open my eyes and know 
that I am a very small part of a wonderous universe that 

Not exactly alien abductions ... so not a very set of 
scary stories! But true ... Believe it or Not!  Linda G. 

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}