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From: unknown unknown@unknown
Date: Thursday, December 02, 1999 11:37 AM
Name: gene and chris
Location: stayner ont canada
Date_of_Sighting: summer 1999
Time_of_Sighting: several
we witnessed on several different nights, a number of single 
and small grouped object in the sky over our home. they 
appeared at very high level and at first we thought that 
they were stars or planes. the objects moved quite quickly 
and had no sound(like jet rumble or prop noise) the objects 
moved arcoss the sky from different directions and could be 
seen for periods up to 5 mins at a time. they were not fallen 
stars and they were to high up to be gases or ballons.  from 
time to time we witness bright flashs of light that would 
sometimes preceed the sighting, we thought maybe we were 
seeing ball-lighting, but we watched a show on discovery 
channel, and what we saw was not consistant with the 
discovery channel show. we are not nuts and several people 
witnessed to same "light show" but choose not to say much 
about it (small farming community) somethings are better left 
not said in thier opinion.  we are a little more worldly i 


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