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  From: "Ronald Joly"     
  Subject: Ottawa sighting in 97 
  Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 05:56:05 
  The sighting that happened in Ottawa is true!! 
  I'd like to know if you could contact Stahn 
  Flynt through E-mail, to see if it's possible 
  that I could get his e-mail address. I would 
  love to see the pictures of the object. It 
  would be great if you could. I and 2 other 
  friends of mine have seen the same object at 
  the" EXACT " same time at-3:00 to 3:07 on 
  June 4, 97 . What was weird was that it was 
  completely Silent. I esamate that it was 
  anywhere from 750 feet, tops at 1 750. 
  Does anyone have a radar sight that records 
  this Suff ? I called Air   Canada to see if 
  there was a plane taking off at that time, a 
  few days later. They said , there is usually 
  no planes retuning from a flight at that 
  time unless it had a delay. I'll talk to ya 
  Still have more inf. that you might like... 
  E-mail Address 

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