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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Thursday, November 6, 1997 at 19:13:06
name: cesar reaño
location: cañete
date: 8-10-97
time: 9:47

sighting: yo estaba en Cañete , mi ciudad natal cuando ví pasar un platillo volador, y me asusté mucho, tenia forma trinangular cuando pasó por la chacra se suspendió en el aire aproximadamente 40 segundos y derrepente se fue a una velocidad increible. Increiblemente mi reloj se paró por todo el tiempo del encuentro.Salí muy asustado y cuando llegué a mi casa no podía ni hablar y cuando lo pude hacer nadie me creyó. Eso es todo


The following is a rough english translation:

I was in the city of Canete(?Spain?). I was frightened a great deal by a triangular form that passed by a small farm. It was suspended in the air for approximately 40 seconds. It departed with an incredible velocity. What was incredible is that my clock stopped for all the time of the encounter. I was very frightened. When I arrived at my house I was not able to speak. When I was able to speak again, nobody would believe me. That is all.

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