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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Wednesday, June 18, 1997 at 18:25:48
name: Mr. Cann
location: Puerto Rico, Caba Rojo
date: Agusto 11, 1995
time: 10:54 P.M.

sighting: The thing look like a great big ball of light. And the funny thing is that in that area of P.R. there is supposably a military base that's under ground. I know this from site and your(American) television show. Back to what I saw. I was in a party boat with two other eyewitness. The water started to bubble but it was not hot! Two minutes later thats when we saw the light.(there were 3 colors green,blue,white.)The light went about 100 yards off shore,stopping for a moment then braking the surface of the water. The wake that this thing sent was insane! It almost tipped the boat over. It sat there like it was wacthing us. I know you want all the data of the night. The temp. was 86 degrees F, and the wind was ? There was a funny smell like a dead rotting fish. And we heard a funny humming sound but it was pulsating too! The thing disappered in the blink of an eye. The whole incounter took about four and a half minutes.

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