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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Friday, January 16, 1998 at 09:47:10

location: Cedar Island,N.C.

date: 10/85

time: 2330

sighting: I was driving home one night with my 
friend when I looked out over the bombing range 
and saw a bunch of lights going around in a 
circle but the object seemed to be staying in 
one place. After about one minute one of the 
lights broke away from the rest  and came strait 
towards us at a very high rate of speed. Just 
before it hit us it and the other lights all 
just dissapeared. I went home and told people 
but of course nobody believed me or my friend. 
About three months ago my mother saw something 
around the same area.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}