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Subject: Sept. 17, 2000 sighting
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 10:10:08 -0500
From: Blake
Where:  Cedar Crest, New Mexico
When: Sept.17, 2000  Approx.  9:30pm
Conditions:  Sky - partly cloudy. Some weak moonlight.
Observation:  My wife and I were on the deck looking 
at the stars. I had noticed a bright star in the East 
southeast sky about 45 degrees above the horizon and 
above a ridge of hills. The "star" was there for some 
period of time maybe 10 min. or so. I was looking at 
other areas of the sky, when my attention was drawn 
back to the "bright star" which now had become about
twice as bright. I told my wife  "look at this!". The 
"star" seemed to get larger, like it was coming at us. 
It then became dimmer and made a sharp turn to our 
left( north) where it continued for a short distance 
before it disappeared. I am a private pilot and watch 
aircraft landing lights alot. This was not an aircraft. 
My wife also witnessed the entire sequence.


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