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Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 15:53:35 GMT
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Name: J.Harding

Location: Portugal cove, NFLD

Date: 1993 and ungoing

Time: day and night

Sighting: My name is J. Harding and I live in Portugal Cove, NFLD. Six years ago in 1993,
I witnessed something that changed my entire lifestyle. I was playing softball
when several of my friends pointed to the sky and said, "whats that?" I
looked up, and I could not believe my eyes. There was a silver disc hovering in
the sky over a nearby hill. It was oval in shape, and it was soundless. I was only
9 years old at the time, but I knew I had seen something different. I had to find
out what I had seen.
I begain to research UFO's, and constantly watch the sky. I did not get any
more reports for the year of 1993, but in 1997 I had hundreds of cases. You see,
I started my own research project, called Project U.A.A. Today I am 15, a
correspondant of BUFORA, and I know my work well, after studing for six years.
An important sighting begain in the summer of 1998. Portugal cove is a
hotspot for UFO reports. The sightings range from CE-1(Close encounters of the
First Kind, ie- seeing a UFO from a distance) to landed UFO's , cropcircles,
and even abduction. On Anglican Cemetary road, there is a mountain which every-
body now calls "Devil's Peak." This is the hotspot for UFO encounters and Lights
in the sky. Devils peak is about a mile into the wilderness, surrounded by lakes,
marshes, and rivers. It is a diffucult hike to get to the mountain, but
the UFO's can be seen clearly from the neighbouring houses, about a mile away.
The sightings begain july 1998, at apx. 9:30pm. A large triangular craft was
spotted on the hillside, with two large searchlights apparantly scanning the area.
It had two large lights on the underside, and was gray in colour. The sighting
lasted apx.15 minutes, and there was over 5 witnesses who all claimed the same
The next night, I decided to see what everybody was talking about. Devils peak
is behind my house, so I decided I should go outside to see what everyone was
talking about. At 9:30, once again there was a huge triangular craft,
like the one described before. The craft was searching for something in the
hillside. It would hover, zoom to another location, then fly back.
It was not an airplane. The sighting lasted for a half hour, before the craft
flew below the treeline, then out of sight.
I begain to monitor the area, and quickly learned that the area was being
visited by craft every night. I would sit on my back patio and wait. The stars
would come out, and so would the UFO's. I kept watching, and the "stars" would
begin to move! At any time, more then 20 objects that looked like stars would be
moving across the sky, seemingly going nowhere, except over the mountain.
They are not planes, not astronomical, or natural phenomnea. They would
fly across the sky at shocking speed, suddenly stop and then fly backwards
to the orginal starting point! They would also form shapes and would sometimes
appear as one big light. They would blink lights at one another, as if
signaling to one another. One time, a "star" from the mountain flew towards my
house. As it did, I noticed it was soundless . As it got closer it turned off
its lights. I lost it for a moment, but a sudden movement caught my eye.
directly over my house was a huge black triangle. It did not make a noise!
I was amazed, and called out to my father. He came out, and the both of us
witnessed it fly back to the mountain at amazing speeds.
This is going on every night. I have many other reports to share, but
there is just too many to tell right now. There is something going on at
Devils Peak, and I want to know what is going on. In the summer, my team
and I are going to hike to the mountain and see what is happening.
There is something happening in this world, and we should all try our
hardest to find out what is going on.

Thank-you, J. Harding.
Let me know your thoughts. E-Mail me at:




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