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Excerpt from a converstion on the UFO Java Chat Page 6/5/97 at 10:28 MST

(10:28)*** jimskinny has joined.
jimskinny: UFO Sightings In New Mexico And The World
*** Gary T has joined.
jimskinny: UFO Sighting Reports From Around The World, Submit your own sighting, Browse sighting reports thru maps and data bases, Local sightings and my own sightings, Over 100 UFO links, Numerous UFO pictures, Over 200 sighting reports in the data base.
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jimskinny: I only talk UFO sightings!!!
jimskinny: If you have had a sighting please let me know.
jimskinny: adm.
jimskinny: looking for POPS
*** war has joined.
war: i have had a ufo sighting
jimskinny: you have?
war: yes
jimskinny: where at
war: Invercargill New Zealand
jimskinny: about what date and time was it seen?
war: i can't remember exactly what date or time it was in the afternoon about nine months ago
jimskinny: what color and shape was it?
war: very bright white, travelling slow across the sky very high up I do believe it was a ufo. Also I believe they saw me. There was a great sight in Kaikoura in the year 78 plane sightings between Wellington and Picton
jimskinny: Do you give me permission to use this on my site?
war: ok
jimskinny: also why do you think it saw you?
war: i don't know, i just really believe they did, like they put those thoughts into my head Telepathy
jimskinny: I have seen several bright yellow lights in this area. They just turn off (like a switch) many times while I am watching them. I have a feeling they know I am whatching them
jimskinny: Artesia, New Mexico USA
war: their technology is so advanced they are well aware who is looking at them down here they are aware of things in long distances which to them distance isn't distance
jimskinny: I think so to! If you want goto my site
war: i have written it down i will sometime
war: tell me why do they abduct people for?
jimskinny: There you can read many sightings and also some of mine. I have a form that is very easy to use. Also I have no idea who is sending in the report if they do not put in there e-mail.
jimskinny: sorry I was typing. I dont really know why just for curious sake I guess
war: i don't know how to operate my email at present i am new to the internet but i know my email address
jimskinny: You do not need to know to send e-mail. Just click where it says to report a UFO and fill in the blanks then press submit sighting button
war: what are the aliens trying to prove in our worldly scene or their own scene what is their purpose of their visitation?
jimskinny: I dont know but I think there ar many diferent groups of them from many different planets and times. what browser are you using?
*** ---->Kris<---- has joined.
war: do you think they have related problems like our world does? war: Good and Evil and that sort of thing?
jimskinny: Wish I knew, I dont think they want us to know.
jimskinny: I think mostly good.
*** ---->Kris<---- has left.
war: i don't think they want to reveal themselves very much either i don't know if they really trust us

Webmaster wrote:There was much more to this conversation but I screwed up in cutting and pasting from the chat window.

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