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Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 06:06:59 +0000
From: WWW user

Name: Al
Location: Main Street Binghamton Price Chopper Plaza
Date_of_Sighting: October 1989
Time_of_Sighting: approx: 2:00 PM
I was sitting in the care passanger side waiting for my girlfriend who was
in the store. I had the radio on and it was raining outside. By chance I
looked out the window and above the Price Chopper Supermarket I saw a dull
perfectly round object hovering approx. 100 ft. above the store. I could
not believe my eyes. There was rain on the window so I rolled window down
and there it was silent and not moving. I looked around the lot to see if
anyone else could see it also...Know one was in my vicinity. I thought I
was going nuts! I started to walk into the store to get my girlfriend to
show her, and as I did do the object silently moved away from me until it
disappeared. I would have discounted this incident, however the same week
on the National evening had been reported that UFO's had been seen
over Russia, and in the local newspaper, a local minister had written into
the editor stating thast many people from his congregation had witnessed a
ufo that day/week. I only wish I could have taken a pic to prove my story.
I am an educated person who needs solid proof to believe in things and this
experience has haunted me to this day.


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