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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

Below is the result of your feedback form.  
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on Tuesday, March 17, 1998 at 20:28:19

location: Runnemede, NJ
date: Dec 24, 1968 or 9
time: evening
sighting: I don't know if anyone has ever 
had this type of experience before, and it 
bears no resemblance to all the standard 
media on the subject of encounters.  I do 
know that my wife had a similar experience 
on the same night, some 30 years ago (we were 
both children at the time, living in different 
towns - but I was visiting relatives just a 
few miles from where she lived then).  Both my 
family recalls 'something' happening that 
night, but can't recall what, and Mary's 
family recalls something happening that night, 
but again, they can't recall what, both 
families vaguely recall a strange feeling about 
Christmass eve that night.
Mary's recall of that night is vague on some 
points, clear on others.
My memmory of that night is crystal clear and 
always has been.  My current memmory of 
Christmass eve 1968 (plus or minus a year, I 
think, I can't exactly recall how old I was 
that Christmass, just that we were visiting my 
Aunt on Christmass eve).  I've written the 
experience out.  There is  no physical evidence, 
of course.  My primary interest is simply to 
find if anyone has ever had an experience like 
this one or a memmory so clear of the type of 
communication described below.
You can e-mail me at

It was Christmas Eve, or perhaps the weekend 
before, about 1965 to 1968 (+/- a year or so), 
maybe 1966.  I was probably three or four years 
old.  I was with my parents, in my dad's Ford 
Galaxy 500 XL (Dad was driving).  It was 
practically new and we loved that car - it was 
white with a red interior, a total classic (we 
actually kept the drivers seat from the car 
until about 1990 as a momento - my mother wanted 
the car crushed and made into a coffee table).  
We had just left my aunt's house where we were 
coming from a Christmas party (in Runnemede, NJ).  
By just leaving I mean we had made it only to 
the end of the street.  It was snowing lightly.
The street ends facing a field and you have to 
turn left or right at that point.  We used to 
play in that field because there was a playground 
there with swings and see-saws, etc.  When we 
reached the stop sign, facing the field, I 
noticed a truly strange object in the sky.  It 
was a large silhouette of a boomerang shaped 
object perhaps a little larger than a commercial 
jet aircraft.  I think it most resembles the 
stealth bomber in size, shape and color, almost 
exactly, but much smoother and rounder, and it 
was moving at about ten miles per hour, 
practically hovering, and the leading edges of 
what could be mistaken for wings were brightly 
lit with what looked like long fluorescent 
lights, like the overhead lights in an office, 
but a soft blue.  These lights, however, were 
emitting beams of light that were highly 
collimated - that is the beams were like a 
slice shape, wide and flat and retained their 
shape perfectly like a laser, rather than being 
circular and 'shot gunning' outward like a 
flashlight beam.  The beams were following a 
slow and deliberate search pattern over the 
trees (but swiftly over the trees) and 
buildings (slowly over the buildings).  It was 
silent.  It got to be about directly overhead 
and stopped.
At this point of course everyone in the car was 
quite frantic.  My mother was fit to be tied.  
My Dad was mumbling something like 'Holy Shit' 
over and over again.  My brother was climbing 
over me in my seat to get a better look at the 
thing out of my side of the car window.  His 
face was actually pressed against the window.  
My parents both had their faces practically 
pressed into the windshield, my Dad was pressed 
against the steering wheel.  I distinctly 
remember the weight of my brothers knees digging 
into me as he climbed and fussed to get a better 
look along with the sound of my mother's voice 
making all kinds of panicky noises.  Everyone in 
the vehicle had gone quite 'ballistic.'
At that point I remember turning to my brother 
and yelling at him, with my left hand pointing 
up to the window (I was small enough that the 
window was well above my head), "do you see 
He just looked at me and said, "what?"  My mother 
reprimanded me for shouting so loudly in the car.  
It was then that it seemed odd that my brother 
was sitting on his side of the car without 
actually 'moving' back there.  It was very quiet.  
Everyone was just sort of sitting there.  No one 
seemed dazed or disoriented, in retrospect.  
They were just sitting there, in the car, at the 
stop sign.  It had stopped snowing.  The engine 
was running.  There was nothing in the sky.  My 
mother and father were both sitting upright in 
the front (bucket) seats with their arms plainly 
at their sides.  I was speechless.  Everyone was 
quiet.  We were still just sitting there at the 
end of the road, engine running - at the stop 
sign.  At that point my Dad raised his hands up 
to the steering wheel - and, most importantly, 
I distinctly remember him stepping on the gas, 
but the hand brake was on, so the rear tires 
spun and the car shifted sideways.  He lifted 
his hands briefly to look down, grabbed the 
brake release, turned the wheel and we slowly 
pulled away.  About an inch of snow had 
accumulated on the hood of the car (my father 
had cleared the car off just before we left my 
aunt’s house).  I can recall this because my 
father had to get out a little further on (just 
before we reached the intersection of 295N) and 
clear the snow off of the car while we sat and 
I remembered what happened back in 196something.  
Not the event, but what transpired between the 
time my brother’s knee was in my crotch until 
the moment he was suddenly sitting calmly on 
the other side of the car.
There was what I could remember in my child's 
mind, four 'singing' voices and one 'playing' 
voice.  The singing voices were singing a 
'lullaby' to every one around me - not just in 
the car, but the whole area, perhaps for miles 
around.  The 'playing' voice played a game with 
me, in my head, tossing me ideas (bizarre, 
complex ideas) that I had to 'catch' and put 
away.  The playing voice was definitely female 
in personality, gentle and warm, but somehow 
down to 'business.'  I can clearly recall the 
sensation involved in ‘catching’ the ideas, 
although I surely can’t describe it.  I can 
recall the abstract memmories and today I 
understand them, I think.
I discussed the matter with my brother (as 
adults).  He vaguely recalls that something 
happened that night, recalls that we saw 
something, but can't recall any detail at all.  
But that night does stand out in his memmory 
for some reason - not the Christmass party, 
the portion after we left the Christmass party.  
My parents can't recall anything prior to lunch, 
today, unfortunately, much less anything that 
happened almost 30 years ago, but vaguely recall 
having a 'weird night.'  
My wife, Mary Ellen, should actually write this 
portion, since it's her story.  But she's told 
me the story enough times (we've discussed it 
at length on numerous occasions) and she 
continues to procrastinate writing the event 
down (procrastination is hard work).  So I'll 
render the reader's digest version.
When Mary was a child (about four or five) on 
Christmas Eve she was living in Somerdale, NJ 
(about four miles as the crow flies from Belmawr 
where my experience took place on the same 
night) she was in bed with a high fever.  Her 
fever was high enough that her mother had given
her a bath in cold alcohol.  She remembers 
leaving the house and (it was snowing lightly) 
running out into the snow, barefoot in her 
little night gown.  There, she was attracted to 
what she only remembers as bright lights far 
above her head (I think I got that part 
My first inclination was to think that she 
distorted the vision of Christmas lights while 
running a high fever.  But she seems to be able 
to clearly discern her surroundings, her 
proximity to the house, as well as the 
Christmas lights that were on the house.  She 
describes these lights as being in a circular 
pattern and rotating or otherwise moving toward 
the ground.
Her family denies that she left the house that 
night or they might have seen her leaving the 
house.  I am trying to ascertain if her family 
experienced any missing time (a time gap) 
similar to what my family experienced a few 
miles away.
Her second claim is verified by her mother and 
father, that a light pattern very similar to 
the one she describes as a child appeared in 
their back yard in Sommerdale years later and 
left tracks in the snow in an isolated area  of 
the yard (no tracks to or from the imprint).  
The whole family watched this event from their 
kitchen window.
I'd be more descript, but it's not my story.
ny feedback???

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