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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

Below is the result of your feedback form.  
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on Tuesday, February 3, 1998 at 22:24:48

location: Burnt Ranch , California
date: 9-3-93
time: 6:30  Pm
A very large disk shaped (base), 
that supported an hour glass shaped structure 
that had a spinning ball inside . Above the 
hour glass structure , was tall structure
that resembled a skyscraper. A flying city???? 
Along the base of the disk was a multitude of 
red,green, and white light that moved to the 
rhythum of the spinning ball inside of the hour 
glass structure,(super structure). Every time
the pattern changed the object would stop. It 
traveled quite slowly and  later picked up speed. 
I can't rember how it left our view (my wife's 
and I) to this day, but the whole thing lasted 
at least 20 minutes or so. It flew along side 
highway 299 west in that area I mentioned at tree
top level. The traffic (the other cars on the road) 
kept passing us at high speed and pulling over to 
the shoulder the occupants seemed as though they 
wer'e jumping for attention to what ever this 
thing was . Kind of like hey! bus driver 
stop........ I don't know?????????????????
But I'll never forget that smell (corona) I think 
they call it ENERGY.......The structure looked as 
though it's been around for quite some 
had that flare It was never reported to my knowledge 
by anyone so I guess here goes
 Charles and Nora Lyons
 Weaverville, California
 T.C.O.E. ed nora (e-mail)

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