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Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 01:25:41 GMT
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Name: Ron

Location: Maryville Tennessee

Date: Feb 22,1999

Time: 9:40AM

Sighting: Hello
My name is Ron. I am 45 years old, married with three children and
a business owner in Knoxville Tennessee. I am about as average as the next
person and not prone to making up stories. Like most people where UFOs are
concerned I have always been very skeptical until now. On Monday Feb. 22,
1999 I stopped at Hardies to get a coffee and biscuit on my way to work as
I sometimes do. The time was approximately 9:40AM. The weather this morning
was exceptionally warm and clear with no visible clouds, a very bright
morning. Most of the time I would leave Hardies and turn right and head on
to work, but this morning I pulled straight across the road into a parking
lot to fix my coffee. As I got ready to leave and looked out the windshield
I noticed an object sitting just above the tree line directly in front of
me probably no more than three blocks away. I could not make out what the
object was and at first I thought it might be a construction crane or
something. The object was bright red not as in a red light but painted very
bright red. The sun was reflecting off the side of it and so I could tell
this was a large metal object of some kind and it looked totally out of
place. As I was staring at it, it began to lift up and move toward me at
the same time. I have to say that I was dumbfounded and mesmerized as I
watched this bright red craft of some kind just glide through the sky and
come to a stop right in front of me. The craft hovered at about 100 to 150
feet off the ground and no more than 500 feet in distance from me. My
window was down and there was absolutely no sound coming from this craft.
The craft seemed to be changing shapes as I looked at it which I decided
it must have been rocking or twisting in the air, which made it hard
to determine the actual shape. I came to the conclusion that it must have
been triangular or boomerang shaped. The craft had several large round
lights that were pulsing on and off. The lights were incredibly bright and
the best way I can describe the light was that it seemed to have solid
spikes shooting into the air and then dissipating. I remember red and yellow
lights, if it had other colors I don't remember them. I would guess the size
of the craft to have been somewhere between 50 to 100 feet across. It was
hard for my mind to grasp what I was witnessing. I wanted to see wings or
propellers or something recognizable but there was only this bright red
craft with these unbelievable lights just sitting there in the sky in front
of me making no sound. The amazing thing was that I was not frightened,
mesmerized yes. The craft began to move away from me at a slow rate of
speed, on the same path that it had approached me on. It was staying about
the same distance from the ground. I decided to follow it since it wasn't
moving very fast. I followed it through a neighborhood and back onto a
main road and got caught at a traffic light which allowed it to get out in
front of me and off to my right. It was unbelievable to sit and watch this
thing just cruising above the tree tops at about 35 to 40 miles per hour.
I pointed it out to the man in a truck next to me and he watched it with
me for several 100 feet and then just drove on. I followed it into
another neighborhood where I came to a clearing. It was just sitting there
about a quarter of a mile away and from this view I could see what
appeared to be a metallic like cone protruding from underneath the craft.
A woman approached and got out of her car and watched it with me, her
explanation was that it must be a weather balloon. I don't think so. The
craft began to move again and I headed back onto the main road where it
crossed over the road I was traveling on, US Hwy. 411 south. I followed
it for approximately another mile at about 40 MPH. I turned left off the
main road and traveled about a third of a mile and watched as it passed
over several construction workers and none of them ever knew it was
there, because it made no sound. I pulled into my church's parking lot
and watched as it rose straight up until it had become the size of my
fingernail. At this height and as small as it appeared from this height,
I could still see the lights on it blazing as they flashed on and off.
I had to get to work as dumb as this may sound but my wife would be
opening our store and she would be alone so I drove off with this thing
still visible, can't believe I did that but I did. I know most people
will never believe this story but I know what I saw and I will never be
the same. This was the most incredible event I have ever witnessed and
I can't get it off my mind. Your comments would be greatly



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