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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Abington, Pa. USA
DATE-Sighting : July 1980
TIME-Sighting : 9:00PM
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
A friend and I were driving down the main Route when 
we saw a "Ball" of fire over top of the School. We 
drove onto the school grounds to the upper level. We 
got out of the car to see a craft (3/4 the size of a 
Football field)with red hot fire flaming out the 
bottom and rising to the top of the ship. It resembled 
a tear drop shape. For approx. 5 min. we witnessed the 
firey event. The Fire then reduced and went out. We 
were in a puzzled state, because we've never seen 
anything like this before. The craft then then started 
to move and it was moving straight in our direction. 
When it began to desend down towards us I freaked out 
and jumped in the car. My friend was not affected and 
started to make jokes, like, take me to your leader, 
and so forth. I was yelling at him to get in, get in 
the car! He then stood on the the hood of the old car, 
and put his arms out. I floored the gas and he rolled 
over the roof and off the trunk. I stopped the car and 
he got in. We headed for the South Campus and the craft 
did too! I drove the car into a small neighborhood and 
parked under a tree. We both got out of the car and 
this craft slowly sailed right over top of the tree and 
us. We could see the manufacturing of this thing. And 
it was'nt anything we've built! I took my friend home 
about a mile away and went home to tell my parents of 
the event, and it was 2 hours later. I called the news, 
and they did confirm, they were swamped with calls 
about the same thing.(Condensed Version)

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