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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Wednesday, January 7, 1998 at 06:42:49

location: Mason, Michigan

date: Spring 1996

time: unknown

sighting: In the early spring of 
1996 (?), The Lansing (MI) State 
Journal and at least one of Lansing's 
(state capitol) three television 
stations reported that the unclothed 
body of a small, thin, silvery skinned,
humanoid being had been discovered in 
the yard of a Mason resident when the 
property owners were raking leaves.  
The partially decomposed body was (to 
the best of my recollection) reported 
as being less than four feet tall and 
having a larger than human head.  
The media reported that the body in 
question was transported by authorities 
to the campus of Michigan State University 
in East Lansing,some ten miles north of 
Mason, for study. 

The story was printed and aired the day 
following the discovery of the "being" but 
was never again mentioned in the local 
media, something unusual for the local news 
"pro's" (term used "lightly") who typically 
report mundane events "tabloid style" 
adnauseum, for days and even weeks after 
the fact.  I had been told by an 
acquaintance that the "being" had been 
either photographed or video taped and that 
those images had appeared in either the 
newspaper or on the local television 
newscast(s), but I can not personally 
substantiate if pictures were, indeed, taken.  
Nearly two years have passed since the 
mysterious discovery, and there has been no 
media follow-up on this story that the media 
dropped like a hot rock.  It seems that this 
substantiated find, too, was quickly and 
purposely covered up by someone with enough 
influence and or coersive power to make the 
media comply, unquestioningly and without 
protest, to their agend of silence. 

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}