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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Crab Orchard,TN,USA
DATE-Sighting : Summer 1980's
TIME-Sighting : 12:00 PM
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
The world famous weather lady of the Cumberlands, 
Helen Lane, was in her yard in the middle of the 
day and looked up to see a large cylindrical craft 
about 100 feet across, directly over her house.  
It was not moving, hovering in the air.  It was so 
close she could see the rivets on the brown, almost 
bronze-hued metal.  She called her young son Joe 
from inside the house and he joined her.  They both 
were frightened and tried to hide under a large 
tree in the yard.  The craft suddenly took off at 
tremendous speed and quickly disappeared over Big 
Rock (Crab Orchard) mountain.

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