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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : St. Charles,Mo.
DATE-Sighting : 7-4-97
TIME-Sighting : 8:45 pm
This is your Submitted Sighting Report :    
There was a large crowd gathered for a fireworks display
and many of us were laying on blankets looking at the sky.
It was near dark and there was a bright almost neon aqua(for 
lack of a better description)light that came from the north 
near the old St.Charles Bridge.I'm guessing the bridge is 
close to a half mile from where we were seated and the object 
flew horizontal over the river. I did not see where it 
originated but it went past the point of where the crowd was 
befor it disappeared. I am convinced that it was not any type 
of fireworks due to the size and the color. It was much larger 
by comparison than any other lit object that night and the 
color was so odd and matched nothing I've ever seen.
The direction was different simply because it was strait and 
never went towards the ground at all.

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