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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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name: Dan in Albuqueruqe
location: Albuquerque, near KAFB
date: Feb 1982
time: 12:30am ?

sighting: Was watching TV late night, got a little hungry and decided to walk to the nearby Allsup's.
As I left the apartment complex, I looked up into the sky and noticed a "hole" in the stars, IOW... part of the sky didn't have any stars. As my eyes adjusted I was able to make out a shape... obviously very dark black. It was shaped like a cube! Perfect in form, it moved very slowly (about 3 miles per hour, same speed I was walking) It was about 100 to 150 feet long on each side, had no visible windows, doors or lights, it made no noise. It moved in a straight line, from west to east heading for the Louisianna entrance to Kirtlad AFB at about 100 feet in the air.
It was a little easier to see when it moved over the Allsup's bright lights (IOW, some light did reflect from this thing, but very little, (but it was the only time I could clearly make out its shape. I watched this thing for about 5-6 minutes, it continued to move slowly over the AFB until I could no longer see it (there were not many lights on the base in that area.
Now (as if that isn't strange enough) here is some stranger stuff. Although it was about 12:30am when I left the apartment, When I got back, it was about 2:30am! (the Allsup's is is only 1 block from the apartments)
My only memory was that I left the Apartment, saw the thing, went to Allsup's, got something to eat and walked back (usually about 10 minutes total time)
One of the things that bugs me about this siting, was the shape of the object. I have only spoken with one other person on the globe that reported the same shape. (he was in Scotland) And of course the loss of time was a little concerning, but then again it is possible I just wasn't paying attention to what time it really was... afterall, I was looking at something in the sky that had a bit more of my attention... :)
More recently, this year (1996) around October, I was in Artesia, NM doing some work for one of the local schools. I went out to have lunch... I perchanced to look into the sky and thought I saw a bunch of white balloons in the sky Ya know, like someone was promoting something and released a bunch of small helium balloons. However, as I watched, I noted that these balloons didn't break formation. They were quite bright (reflected light) I guess there were about 40-50 of these things almost directly overhead.
I was driving so I could not watch them closely, Like I said, I thought they were just balloons. When I returned to the school, I asked the people I was working with if something was going on in town that would have someone releasing balloons.
There wasn't... It was the time of the year when large birds migrate, however, I know what migrating birds look like, this wasn't it.
It looked like the 1950's siting over Washington, DC. and some of the video I have seen over Mexico City. (if you have seen those videos, you have an idea of what I saw)
I am not so sure what the Artesia stuff was, but since you live there, I thought you might be interested... There is NO DOUBT in my mind about the Albuquerque siting.
{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}