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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
Below is the result of your feedback form.
It was submitted by (______________ or _____________)
on Sunday, August 17, 1997 at 01:38:54
name: David ___________
location: Las Vegas Nevada
date: July 12,97
time: 9:30 pm

sighting: On July 12th approximetly 9:30 pm some strange lights came down from outside the earths atmosphere formed the shape of a triangle or in my opoinion a pryamid and then just simply vanished. There were enough calls into channel three so they did a sixty second segment and joked about it and that was that. It scared people so much that they made believe that it was a fireworks display. I checked with experienced cab drivers and asked them specificly if there were any fire works that day. There answer was no the only displays with in that month came from the stratasphere. I now would like to tell you what really took place that night.

I was driving a cab for North Las Vegas at the time of the incident. I was traveling North on Boulder Highway making a left turn into the first entrance of the Show Boat Hotel when I saw 632 C____ driving for North Las Vegas off to the side of the road. He was standing outside of his cab looking over the roof. I thought he was in trouble so I pulled over and asked if he needed assistance. He told me no and pointed to the sky. I looked straight south the sky was perfectcly clear and unlimited visibilty. I saw nothing. Then from out of nowhere I thought I saw a shooting star. But it couldn't be because it was going straight up perhaps a little bit at an angle. I was looking directly south and my head was tilted about thirty degrees. The strange white light was between 20 - 100 miles away there really was no way to tell. When the light fizzled out or disappeared a golidish red ball appeared. From this gold ball some more light appeared. It was a different color the color of the ball. It moved downword and west of the ball to a point well below the ball. When the reddish gold light fizzled away another reddish gold ball appeared. Then from this ball some more light appeared. It went directly back east. When that light fizzled out another gold ball appeared. These balls were about the size or looked liked the size of helicopters. These balls formed the shape of a triangle. They hovered for sixty seconds then began to rotate. Then they just vanished. That is what I saw.

I talked it over with 632 C_____ and we both saw the same thing. However he pointed to a star the only one you could see and he said that the lights came from that general area of the star perhaps from outside the earths atmosphere. It excited him so much that he couldn't work that day and I had trouble sleeping for several days. In fact after seeing this emense object it makes me feel rather small and I would like to talk to you about it more. After you've verifyed it of course. The unusual thing about the strange lights was that they appeared to in the form of fireworks or crystal shaped. Also even at the tremondous distance that we were away from the light we could see each individual crystal and there was no noise. We probably had the best view of anyone. People are so scared in vegas that most of them aren't talking. I can't believe that I'm the only one who may have enough nerve to report this. Please at least let me know what if anything that we actually did see. I believe if you call North Las Vegas Cab Company and ask for C_____ in 632 he can verify the story oh and of course channel 3 news.
Good Luck I would like to talk to you about it on your show

Yours truly


Webmaster wrote:
Your sighting is very interesting. If you have any newspaper accounts of that night could you please send them in?

Also you mentioned quote 'your show'. I believe you are possibly confusing me with the sightings show on TV. I have nothing to do with them. This site is mainly for people to report thier sightings. Then people can read them and see what is really going on around the world. With over 400 reports sent in to this site in less than a year, I do believe thier is something very strange happening.

I have had many reports involving triangle shaped UFO's and a few that looked like a pyramid. What you describe I have'nt come across yet. Perhaps others will come out of the woodwork and report what they seen that night. Having been in Las Vegas myself I know others should have seen it. As you can see I have taken out your last name, telephone number and email address. If you really want them in this report please email me back and tell me so. Please use regular email so I can verify your address. When you sent in your sighting it was sent in via FormMail this mail contains only what you type in. Because of this I normally post messages just as they come in, but because you may be confusing this site with the Sighing TV show I decided to err on the side of caution and cut out the personals.

Thank you,

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