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Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 13:24:47 EST
Subject: I saw 2 UFOs in broad daylight in California

Real UFO's

September 25, 1995  at about 8:00 a.m., I saw 2 U.F.O.s.  I was driving from San Diego to Yosemite with a friend for some well deserved R & R.  We left San Diego around 5:00 in the morning.  My friend had celebrated her birthday the night before and planned on snoozing in the passenger seat for a few hours while I drove.  It was dark when I pulled onto Interstate 15, a main artery through a land us Southern Californian's refer to as the  "Inland Empire".  It was a beautiful morning and I listened to Mozart as my 240 SX cruised uneventfully through Escondido, Temecula, Corona, Norco and northward...up the Cajon Pass.   The Cajon Pass is a marvel of highway engineering and boy you should see the trains!. Cresting the Cajon summit at 4,257 feet, my passenger was still conked out in the seat beside me but she was slowly coming to.

At the top of the Cajon Pass, I-15 veers eastward toward Victorville, then Barstow and eventually up the gut of Las Vegas.  Although a side trip to Vegas was enticing, I dutifully sought the northerly passage...U.S. Highway 395...which traverses the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada, a 400 mile long north to south mountain range.  First, however,  it would be necessary to cross a portion of  the Mojave desert, a vast expanse of desolate grandeur.

We were quite a ways north of  Edwards Air Force Base, which skirts the western edge of  Highway 395 when we saw the U.F.O.s.  After the fact, I estimated we were 15 miles south of Johannesburg and 30 to 40 miles south of Ridgecrest in the middle of  the desert when the U.F.O.s were spotted.  It was my passenger who saw them first...She was reclined and gazing off to the northwest and the vast expanses of desert and sky.  I was on cruise control at about 85 m.p.h.  The highway cut through red rock which was piled as berms on either side of the road.  Although it seemed flat we were gradually climbing.  The sun was up and the sky was blue, with wisps of clouds beginning to form.  I was with a professional photographer...all her stuff was in the trunk...along with my video camera.  "Just our luck", we said afterwords.  With a curious voice she asked me, "what is that?" pointing out to the northwestern sky.  I looked but initially did not see what she was talking about.  Suddenly I did, there were two small bright white objects darting about in the distance.  I leaned forward and looked up, "they're fucking U.F.O.s." I said.

Travelling at 85 m.p.h., I braked rapidly to 15 m.p.h.  Glancing in the rearview mirror I could tell we were in no danger of being hit since no vehicles were visible as far back as I could see, which was for miles.  I kept my eyes upward as much as I could, watching two luminescent objects approaching.  The Chevrolet that had been 10 or 15 car lengths ahead of me quickly pulled away as I slowed down, oblivious to the white objects  zooming toward us from the northwestern sky.t\\

The 2 objects were triangular in shape, if they had a shape.  When they moved, or "darted" is a more accurate description, the shapes elongated on acceleration with the back end catching up to the front when they stopped...literally on a dime in the middle of the sky.  The speed of these objects was unbelievable.  At the time, I did not think they were manmade and I still don't.

It was strange but I had the distinct impression that whatever was operating these craft, knew we were watching their flying stunts.  They came in closer as if to tease us and we got a closer view.  They did not fly in tandem, it was more like follow the leader.  One U.F.O. would lead and the other would chase, like a game of alien tag.

The objects were pretty much overhead now and I had my face plastered to the windshield looking up, not wanting to miss a thing.  For a split second I thought about pulling to the side of the road but with the pilings of red rock so close to the highway there was no room.  So I proceeded forward at a snail's pace, watching in silent disbelief, as this glowing white object, perhaps the size of a bus, darted across the sky, left to right, in a horizontal path the length of a football field, maybe longer. It clearly stretched as it accelerated and then shrunk when it stopped.  Its companion followed, taking the same horizontal line, stopping abruptly in midair, beside its friend.  The leader then took off in a downward 45 degree angle stopping at an apex stage left and again its identical friend followed.  To complete the triangular path, the leader darted upward at a 45 degree slant to its original starting point and hovered waiting for its companion to complete the course.

 And then the oddest thing happened in an odd spectacle.  The leader again darted left to right on the same horizontal path...stopped...and changed its shape from a triangle to a sphere...I could see vapor around the craft but no windows, no detail, just a luminescent circle in the sky with low clouds now swirling above.  For seconds it hung there like a dazzling earth ornament and then at a tremendous speed it shot upwards parting the clouds in its wake.  Its triangular friend dutifully followed darting to the spot of the sphere but not stopping and it elongated and blurred as it made a banana turn at incredible speed to continue this game of space tag somewhere in the heavens above.  

To say the least we were excited...perhaps a little fearful of being abducted.  We both had cell phones.  Who could we call.  I called my dad and she called her mom.  I am not sure what they thought about our tale.  At Ridgecrest we stopped to get gas and asked the attendant if she knew anyone who had ever seen a U.F.O. around here.  She said she has heard people say they have but had never seen one herself.  By our excited nature, I am sure she wondered what the hell we had seen when we told her of our sighting.  She looked at me a little sideways and I have since learned it is best not to tell people you have seen a U.F.O., let alone 2 at the same time.  I think my friend has learned that too.  .

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}