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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Saturday, August 16, 1997 at 09:06:31
name: mark mcmillen
location: dayton ohio
date: july 20th 1997
time: 4.00 pm

sighting: on above date, i was working on a roof in downtown dayton.. the dayton air show was going on, and we had seen the stealth bomber fly over us a a very low altitude earlier, which was the first time my son or i had ever seen one. we heard a low, loud jet engine and turned towards the sound, only to see a military cargo plane in the distance...i turned towards the east, and saw an airliner at aprox. cruising altitude (20*30k feet?)....then from the north at about 11 oclock i saw a silverish white oval that was way above the airliners altitude, and covered the distance from the point that i spotted it to the horizon in aprox. 3to 4 seconds...what ever this was, it was the fastest aircraft that i have ever seen...this had to be flying several times the speed of sound, for i had seen the blackbird fly over in is speed record from cal. to washington several years ago, and this craft was flying MUCH faster....the blackbird looked like it was in park compared to this!

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