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Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 00:45:02 -0500
Subject: 3 sightings from the Orlando/Central FL area

These are secondhand reports (my girlfriend told me about these) but I have some details on several sightings around the Orlando area and some things which are near the Cape.

The first one, which my girlfriend could see while I was on the phone (around 11 pm on Tuesday the 14th) involves a couple of objects which appear to be up in the sky near Cape Canaveral and are visable from Orlando. The smaller one has been viewed towards the east, and flickers in several colors. The second, larger object is several thousand feet in altitude, and shines color in the folowing sequence: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet. It repeats this color pattern. It has been observed towards the northeast of the viewing point (just north of the Orlando International Airport). Both of these objects are relatively stationary, as observed against the star field and clouds that pass behind them. These sightings have been steady for a week since the 7th of October.

The second sighting relates a large disc shaped object observed on October 9th around 11 pm. It was very dark metallic grey and was estimated to be the size of a house or larger. It was seen moving in a northeasterly direction from the southwest from the same vantage point as the first sighting mentioned above. Approximately 300 ft off the ground, it moved at a rapid rate of speed, stopped several miles northeast of Orlando, then went straight up into the clouds and was gone.

The third sighting occured around 9:30 pm on Tuesday the 14th of October 1997, on Rt 417 between Orlando and Kissimmee. My girlfriend and two other persons were traveling from Kissimmee north when they observed a large ball of lt. orange light, moving slowly to the south from the northwest direction. It was approximately 150-200 ft above the ground, and moved quite slowly.

I hope there are others who observed similar things in the area; my girlfriend has noticed this increase of objects in relation to the proposed launch of the Cassini space probe on Wednesday.

de Hat Dave meads Norfolk VA

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