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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Wednesday, July 30, 1997 at 20:27:12
name: "Deli Boy"
location: Orlando,Fl
date: 7\26
time: 1 a.m.

sighting: I was out walkin my dog at 1 in the am when I looked up and saw a bright light just hovering in the sky about 500 yards from me about a few hundred feet up. It turned from white to blue to red in color. Then, it moved slowly to the east then, without a sound, was gone. I cant believe what I saw. I was so amazed, I called air traffic control near my house and reported it. They said they showed nothing on radar. I managed to snap 5 pictures of this thing before it disappeared. It hovered for about 7 or 8 minutes. The pictures came out great and Im trying to find a good place to post them.

Webmaster wrote: Please send copies to my PO Box. The address is on my site. I have access to a scanner and I will post them with your sighting. Or better yet if you have scanner capabilities send them in attached to email.

Jim S.

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