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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, April 6, 1998 at 19:13:46
location: 40 miles west of Delta, Utah
date: May 28, 1997
time: 10 PM

sighting: Durring a long drive Back to Colorado 
from lake Tahoe My friend Ferg and I saw something 
that we could not explain.  We were driving on a 
very desolate section of highway 50 between Ely,
Nevada and Delta,Utah.  With not much to look at 
on the surronding road we began to look at the 
cloudless star lit sky for entertainment.  Since I 
was driving it was hard to get a very long view at 
the sky but when I did look up something caught my 
eye.  What I saw was a pin head of light not to much 
bigger than the size of a star, When I got a chance 
to focus in on it I could see that it was blinking 
in a very odd fashion.  The blinks were not 
repetitive like normal aircraft but random. I told 
Ferg who was riding shotgun to check it out, and he 
agreed that it was rather strange.  We began to 
watch the object more closely and all of a sudden it 
moved across the sky in a split second.  The 
aircraft had gone back to its origonal speed still 
moving across the sky when it suddenly moved across 
the sky in a different direction again this motion 
was split second speed. It moved so fast that you 
could not see it in between its destination points. 
One second it was in one part of the sky the next 
second it would be in the total other side of the 
sky. It was amazing. As if that wasn't wierd enough, 
moments later we saw another identical object moving 
in the same manner as the first,and then we saw 
another and another.  At this point we were both 
pretty scared and just wanted to get to a town. 
Nearing the lights of the town Delta the objects went 
out of view and we were just relieved that we we 
still on the road and not up in some spaceship. That 
was the first and the last time I have seen anything 
like that, and now I have to admitt that I belive.

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