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Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 00:19:57 +0100 (BST)
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)

Name: Dirty Dave
Location: Everett Wa
Date_of_Sighting: Aug/Oct 1997
Time_of_Sighting: 9:15pm
It's been a couple of years now but I'll try to remember
details. I worked for the Boeing Co. and was on last break
when a fellow employee, looking to the west at approx 30
degrees inclination, pointed out several large objects all
verying in size, moving eastward.They all appeared to be
yellowish in color with some having trails of flame like a
meteor would have. The four largest ones I estimated to be
as big as a jumbo jet but I didnt find out until later on
the local tv news that they had to be much larger. Tv news
reports said that a government agency said it was a
satellite that when down of the coast of Westport Wa. The
only problem with this lie was that Westport is approx.
90 mi. south of Everett. What I saw moved from west to
east, across the north taking around 5 minutes to move out
of sight to the east. Hundreds of reports came in from as
far south as Portland OR and as far north as Vancouver BC
Canada. What shocked me was the fact that everyone who was
it said that these objects were large and passed in front
of them to the north.This would indicate someting of very
massive size so large that it looked like it was close
enough to me to be passing directly over Everett,to my
north. After getting home around midnight that evening I
called a Local tv station to find ou how many witnesses
had called in. Count at that time was over 400. A day later
on the Art Bell website were photos of the objects taken by
a witness I believe to be from Bellevue WA. The next day I
tried to access Art Belles website and it was down and
apperantly was down for about a week. Later I heard from
friends who listen to Art,s talk show all the time, that
Art was suddenly going of the air without any explanation.
Later friends told me that he was going to stay on the air
but that he had been threatened to drop the subject of the
lights to the north or there would be "problems". I
personally would like to know more about this sighting. My
unfounded suspisions are that maybe we had a very close
call with a large meteor/asteroid and that our wonderful
honest government knew,in advance, that it was coming our
way with a possible collision.An impact from something as
large as what Many of us witnessed would have been
devestating on a planetary scale.

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