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Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 20:10:49 +0000
From: WWW user

Name: Mike
Location: West Beckham, Norfolk, England
Date_of_Sighting: Sat 23rd Sep 2000
Time_of_Sighting: 2130 GMT (UTC)
Looking to the North East I viewed 2 bright red objects. The first object
was heading North West whil the second object was turning behind it. It
looked just like two fighter aircraft training apart from the lack of sound
and timing. (It would be unlikey for F15s from 48fw at Lakenheath or Jaguars
from RAF Coltishall to be training over a town at 9.30 in the evening). I
was leaning out of the window, I slammed it closed and ran outside, but the
objects had vanished in those few seconds. I phoned my relation to tell him
about it and we decided that I should call my local RAF radar base at
Neatishead. I phoned RAF Neatishead at 10.22pm. The operator at the desk
said they were probably civilian aircraft, (Never seen civilian planes do
that) After correcting her I was put through to Operations. I spoke to a
Flight Lieutenant (I know his name but I do not want to damage his career).
He explained there HAD BEEN NOTHING ON RADAR ALL EVENING over North Norfolk!
At 10.34pm he phoned nack saying that I had seen a SAR helecopter involved
in a search for a missing person. This does not check out for three reasons.
1-I did not see a helicopter,
2-He said nothing had been on radar all evening, and besides shouldn't the
main radar tracking base for Southern England be kept informed of SAR
3-I spoke to several friends who live in Sheringham, which is the town near
to where the objects appeared to be, and none of them had seen or heard a
helicopter all evening. Strange, email me at


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