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Subject: Form posted from Mozilla
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 16:54:35 -0500

Location:=Ellsworth Maine
Date:=October 1998

It was in October of 1998, a friend and I were
walking in a field at about nine o'clock one night. We
noticed a dim orange light off in the distance but thought
that it was just a house on the side of a mountain across
the field. We kept an eye on it joking about seeing things
in the sky. Then we noticed that it started to get really
bright, then it started to move straight up. By now we were
standing still watching in wonder,the joking was over. Then
it curved slightly and stopped moving. All of a sudden the
orange light went out and was replaced with blue and red
lights blinking. It started to get bigger and we realized
that it was coming towards us. We turned and started to
run, we kept looking behind us and it kept on getting
really close. It must have gone over at least ten miles of
woods and fields in about 20 seconds. When we saw that it
was going to be impossible to outrun we dived into the tall
grass. As it got close we saw a bright light shoot out in
front of it like it was searching for something,
like us! We laid there and watched it pass over us, it was
only about fifty feet over us. There was no loud engines
like on a plane,all there was was a soft humming sound.
It was a triangular shape with the lights on each corner,
there was a small white light in the very center on the
bottom like a door hatch or a window. We laid there and
watched it hover towards some radio towers that were
blinking then it went out of sight over the trees. On the
way back home that night we also hid in the woods when a
car went by, we saw three or four black blazers with
federal plates. We've only told our parents and they
think that we just made it up, nice parents. This is all I
could think of doing where I wont be critisized. The
government IS COVERING UP, it's only a matter of time till
they can't cover anymore. The truth will be out.
Please Do Not Put Out My E-MAIL Address.
My brother and I have seen things like this before but only
at a distance, hovering over hills for a period of time
then just disappearing without a trace.


UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World