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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 10:26:13 GMT
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Name: Kailey

Location: Mooresville, NC, over Lake Norman

Date: sometime in summer

Time: around 12 at night

Sighting: Me and my friends were on the dock around midnight looking for
a giant carp in the lake with a flashlight. Then all of a sudden we see
this triangle-shaped UFO going really fast right above us, up about 200-300
feet. (It was pretty low to the ground.) There was 2 lights on the back 2
corners, on inbetween them, and a bigger light on the front corner. We ran
screaming back to the house, and it whizzed over, making a humming noise. I
remember looking into the front window of it, and I think I saw something,
I'm not sure. We don't think it's a plane, considering that the lights were
not flashing (they were steady) and it made a humming noise and went too
fast. Plus I bought a book on UFO sightings and it says triangular UFO's
are the latest UFO's sighted. What's even weirder is that their was a
picture someone took of a UFO exactly like the one we saw. You can email me



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