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Subject: UFOSNMW REPORT FORM Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 02:48:16 +0000 From: unknown@unknown (unknown) To:
Name: geoff p.
Location: denver col.
Date_of_Sighting: 4-4-00
Time_of_Sighting: 11:37pm
i was up pretty late for me and when i went to check on the 
dogs(they were barking like crazy) i saw this glowing light 
out east.  i looked as hard as i could but coulnt see much.  
then i decided to sneek into my dads room and brought his 
banoculers outside and looked out.  they are really powerfull 
ones and i see the object really clear.  it was a silvery 
matalic disk that was slightly oblong, like it was stretched 
out or something. it was reflecting some light so i think that 
was the glowing.  just then it started to move very slowly and 
tilted back.  then in one big flash, it was blating by my house.  
it kind of hesitated for a second as it passed my house as if 
it was looking at me and my dogs. i followed it with my eye as 
it went into the sky and i could see that it wasnt any airplane.  
when it sort of hesitated i could make out a clear description 
of the body of the object.  it was really reflective and had 
slight indentations on the side of it that changes shape right 
as it got high.  there wasnt any window or anything which was 
pretty weired.  the next day i was talking to this guy named 
freddy that lives by the spot i first saw it.  he told me that 
he heared these noises in his head that were just theses "high 
pitched sounds that kind of throbbed."  if anyone else saw 
anything in the denver area then please post it.  im scared to 
sleep.  i am a person whos a little paranoid and believes in 
obduction and stuff, so this is really creepy.

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