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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Friday, June 27, 1997 at 10:01:20
name: Dr. D.
location: Lake Tahoe Californi/Nevada
date: May 24, 1997
time: approx. 8 PM

sighting: I am writing about a "phenomenon" that I witnessed that was unlike anything I've ever seen before, so I guess it would fall under the description of a "UFO". As a scientist with a reasonable understanding of astronomy and meteorology, and with an equally good knowledge of aircraft (both military and civilian), I can safely say that what my colleague and I witnessed was something that I'm sure would not fall into most of the easily explainable categories. On a clear night during the Memorial Day weekend (24th of May), I saw something that looked absolutely enormous moving across the sky in a westerly direction. Since all I could see were the lights to this thing (very bright white lights), I couldn't make out the shape precisely. What was even more puzzling was that the lights seemed to move, ever so slightly, with respect to each other, but it was definitely not a "formation" of any kind of aircraft like I had ever seen. Although I couldn't guage the exact size of the object since I didn't know what altitude it was at (although I would guess it was pretty high), it appeared to be bigger than anything I've ever seen flying before, maybe several times the size of a jumbo jet. There was absolutely no noise and it seemed to be moving very slowly. We were on a little stretch of road between Lake Tahoe and Interstate 80 and there were a lot of stars out, so I'd be really surprized if others in the Lake Tahoe area didn't spot these strange lights, also. Have you received any reports of sightings like this in this part of the country? Because of my job, I am hesitant to "go public" with this kind of information, so I would appreciate it if you didn't publish my name or email address. Please let me know if anyone is aware of any really strange military exercises going on in this area.


Webmaster wrote:
People many times ask me if I have a email address for a sighting that they read on my site. If it is not with the report the person chose not to put it in and I am not able to furnish it.
The sighting form is the type to where, what is typed in is what you get. There is never any hidden information that I receive, it is imposible. So if anyone wants to they can send in a completly anonymous report.
I do tell people that if they want there name and email with the report to put it in, otherwise to not put the name(exception first name only) or email. It is up to you, you can give the info or not.
I do like to know the location, date and time. This helps me categorize the sighting.
Thank you :-)

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