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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Saturday, December 20, 1997 at 12:03:48

location: Erie PA

date: fall/67 or 68

time: 10:00 PM

     My Mom, Brother Eddie, friends and I were 
at the drive in movies, when a large ball of light 
flew across the sky from east to west. A loud rumble 
vibrated our car, and the smell of ozone filled the 
air. During the few seconds that the light traveled 
over us, I felt lighter and was lifted lightly from 
my seat, then was lowered gently back down as the 
light passed from sight. My Mom screamed when this 
happened. Everyone remarked that their hair stood 
on end. We then left the drive-in too shocked to 
remember what movie we had been watching, and not 
staying for the second feature. This was my first 
sighting. There has been several more sightings for 
me since this first one. 
- Jan Stewart Winston-Salem NC.


{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}