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Subject: Form posted from Mozilla
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 02:19:57 -0400
Location:=Rumford ME
Camping with a friend I watched for nearly a half-hour as what
seemed like four separete perfect spheres of white light
zoned in an out above us. They would fade to a point of none
exsistance then within a second or two expand to the size of
Baseball in the sky. Panic is the only way to describe the
feeling of being two miles from civialization on top of a mountain
cut off and experiancing an event like that. I've told people
about this experiance, they always try to undermine an
discredit me. Passing off what I saw as natural phenomana,
Car headlight's, Planes, atmospheric conditions.
The only problem with their answers is not one of them is
plausible. I have camped on this mountain all my life
and yes car headlights have done strange things before on
the highway which runs through the valley far below the two-
hundred plus foot ledge, but never anything that sent chills
up my spine and made me close my eyes and pray for mourning
I'll also add that to the recallection of the events I do
not remember any atmosphreic conditions other than clear sky
full of stars. The very nature of these lights dictates to
me clearly they where not of an origian easy to describe
Perfect defined white circles moving in ways nothing on this planet
is suppose to changes your outlook


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