Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Wednesday, April 23, 1997 at 15:45:26
name: Eddy Torrejon
location: Devils Hill Mississauga
date: Feb/8/97
time: 7.00pm

sighting: I was walking my girlfriend home. To get to her house you have to go through a huge park. It was getting dark so we started to get a little scared.She started talking about aliens at the time and I just said it was bull shit. As we kept walking we noticed a big bright flashing light. We were wondering what the fuck it was. I told my girlfriend to hide while I went to check what the light was. As I got closer,I started hearing what it sounded like people babbling. I checked my watch and it had stopped at exactly 6:55. I knew right then that something was happening because I had just changed the batteries to my watch. When I got to the big light the babbling had stopped and everything was silent. All of a sudden I heard a hovering sound,all these lights started flashing and lit the park up as if it were a stadium. I looked up to see what it was pissing my pants and I saw a big what looked like an aircraft leaving the park. I got scared and ran to my girlfriend,and when I got there I saw her with her head looking up and her mouth wide open. The next morning we went back to the same spot and we found some wierd wrighting on the ground. After that day I now believe that aliens exist and someday they could take over the world. If you have any questions E-Mail me at
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