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From: "Vorta"
Subject: 56 elk found dead on mountain
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 15:22:33 -0600


I thought I should pass this on to you: In the first week of August
a hunter was out scouting for the elk (before elk season begins)
on Mount Evans when he stumbled on a large area where lay 56 dead elk.
The Colorado Game dept. sent a man to see the area and he
(not trained in animal forensics and not making a detailed bodily
investigation) proclaimed it a LIGHTNING STRIKE EVENT. When I
heard the news report I had just seen a special report about
lightning strikes on TV and heard that most people struck by
lightning DO NOT fact many people have been struck several
times in their lives. I have also known personally people who were
struck and who lived with only small problems.
An elk out weighs a human by an average factor of 3 to 4 times and
hence the their ohms or resistance should make them even less likely
to die by lightning than a man. For example, in my old electronics
class our teacher plugged our class into a wall socket as we all held
hands. Because our combined weight and mass was so great no one was
The area where the elk were laying was about the size of a football
field. Lightning tends not to kill victims who are 20 feet from the
strike zone. Also the current is dissipated and reduced the further
from the strike point you are. I find it unlikely and almost
impossible to imagine a lightning bolt killing 56 heavy elk in a area
200 yards across!! But at the same time I know that the LAST thing
the game warden was searching for was an animal-UFO-kill area.
This report appeared about Sept 1, 1999 on News 4 in Denver Colorado.
I thought you might find it of interest.
Lavrenti Beria

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