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Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 04:42:26 +0100 (BST)
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)

Name: Ellie-Jo
Location: Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Western Australia
Date_of_Sighting: 23/9/99
Time_of_Sighting: Aprox. 6am
I was on the beach early one morning, waiting for it to
become a bit lighter so that I could take some black and
white photos of the landscape. I was facing inland when I
noticed an object in the sky which certainly didn't
resemble any aircraft I've seen before. It was heading
seaward and I ran halfway up a dune and took a photo. It
had travelled some distance along the beach by the time I
reached the bottom of the dune and I took another photo.
At this point it appeared to be curving inland so I took
a path back up the dunes. It was not in view when I
reached the top. I remained for a short while but it
didn't reappear. I've always been a sceptic and I didn't
think the photos would turn out as it was quite dark, but
they capture what I saw quite clearly. I remember that it
struck me as quite odd that there were no lights on the
object, which there would have been on a conventional
aircraft at this time of morning. Please email me at
_______________________ if you would like me to send the
photos- the object is small, but clearly distinguishable.
Thanks, Ellie-Jo. (When you publish this report on your
site- please don't include my email address).

Hi- here are the scans you requested (of my sighting at Cottesloe Beach,
Western Australia). I've never attached an image with a message before so if
it doesn't work let me know and I'll find someone who actually knows what
they're doing to help me!! If you get the pics feel free to enlarge the UFO
or do whatever- the photo without the pine tree was taken first (from aroud
halfway up a sandune), and I took the second photo from the bottom of the
Thanks again

Brightened up picture

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