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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Sunday, November 24, 1996 at 09:56:21
name: Esther
location: Freeway between Long Beach and Riverside California
date: Summer of 1986
time: Between 5pm and 8pm

sighting: My son and I left our house in Long Beach Ca. about 5:00 pm the evening of 1978 to go to my sister's house in Riverside, Ca. I filled up the tank with gas and hopped on the freeway heading toward Riverside. I had called my sister before I left and told her to be expecting me in about an hour and half. The last thing I remembered was passing through the city of Anaheim, making very good time and I began to notice what I thought was a single car following behind me with it's brights on. It wasn't quiet dark so I hadn't turned on my lights yet and I was anoyed that this idiot had his bright lights shinning in the back of my window. I looked back at my son and saw he was asleep and the light wasn't bothering him. So I pulled over to wait for the stupid car to pass me and as I pulled off on the shoulder the light stopped. I assumed that the idiot got off the freeway, so back on the freeway I went. I had just gotton back on when I spotted the lights in my rear view mirror again. I then noticed that there were no other cars on the freeway and I started to get scared because the lights were coming in fast and I began to speed up really fast and within seconds the light caught up with me and covered my car. After that I don't remember anything, but all of a sudden it was night time and my car was acting funny when I noticed the gas gage showed empty. It normally took only less than half of a tank of gas to get to my sister's house, however my tank was now empty. Just then I noticed an exit and took it, at the bottom of the ramp was a gas station and it was still open. The attendant put gas in my car and I pulled back onto the freeway. I reached my sister's house within 30 mins. As I drove up to the curb my sister came running out and was yelling at me how scared she was. She was afraid that I had gotton into an acident or my car had broken down somewhere. They were getting ready to call the police and go looking for me. After I had gotton into the house I told her that it would take an hour or more to get here and I couldn't help that it got dark so soon. When she stared at me and said I had been missing for over 3 hours.
NOTE: Missing time, possible abduction.
{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}