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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Castleton/Vermont/USA
DATE-Sighting : Aug. 1984
TIME-Sighting : 2:00 pm
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
At the time of the sighting I was about eleven years 
old and was on summer vacation.  Castleton is a very 
rural area in central Vermont and thus there is very 
little in the way of heavy background noise heard on 
a sunny afternoon.  On the day in question, I was home 
alone on South St (with my dog) when I heard a loud, 
low pitch whirring noise emanating from behind my house 
(very uncharacteristic as it is a predominently wooded 
area). I stepped out on to our back deck to investigate 
(followed closely by my dog, a black lab named Pippin), 
where I was quite amazed by what I saw. Hanging in the 
cloudless blue southwestern sky were three very bright 
lights in diagonal pattern with the light on the right 
being the highest.  The single most remarkable thing 
about these lights were the colors.  The upper-right 
light was a vibrant green, the center light was a 
reddish-orange, and the lower left was brown, not amber, 
brown.  To this day I believe it to be the only occasion 
I've had to witness a brown light of any kind.  
As I stood transfixed on the phenomenon, trying to 
rationalize the appearance of a brown light, the 
whirring sound began to rise in both pitch and volume. 
I would say the level reached those associated with 
being in a factory where heavy machinery was being 
operated. I continued to stare for what felt like 
minutes,(in reality it was probably  only several 
seconds) until I heard my dog's howling above the 
noise. I turned to silence my dog, and in that brief 
moment the noise ceased and when I turned back, much 
to my dismay, the lights were gone.

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