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Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 23:11:22 GMT
Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report

LOCATION : Fairbanks, AK
DATE     : Mar 26, 1998
TIME     : 9:30 pm

This is your Submitted Sighting Report :
       My name is Ray G.  I was out bird 
watching late at night in the Tanana flats. 
I was minding my own business looking for 
the first canadian geese of the season.  
It was completely dark outside but a few 
twinkling stars.  The silence became 
deafening around me, quieter than had been 
almost a moment before.  Later after I was 
at home safe and sound and sipping hot 
coffee I thought this over and came to the 
conclusion that somehow the visitors had a 
system in place so I couldn't hear a thing.  
However this actually made me more aware 
that something strange was going on.  I put 
my binoculars down and looked up into the 
arctic night sky.  Almost right above 
hovered a tremendous object.  It was about 
as big as a mobile home.  A few lights were 
placed on the outside of the ship.  I was 
entranced by this display and almost felt 
hyptonized by the ship.  I suddenly felt 
something on my shoulder.  I turned back to 
look behind me and nothing was there.  As a 
tingle went through my spine I turned my 
attention back up to the night sky.  The 
ship whatever it had been, whatever it had 
been doing, was gone.  I believe this to be 
my first brush with an extraterrestrial. 

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