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Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 12:27:58 +0000
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)
Name: lee 
Location: great wakering, essex, england
Date_of_Sighting: 20/04/00
Time_of_Sighting: 10.30 am
i was about one minute from my home driving in my car, the 
sky was overcast but vision was fine, i looked up in the 
sky and saw a very bright light moving in a straight line, 
quite high up. i thought to myself that it couldn't be a 
plane or chopper cos they don't ordinarily have their running 
lights on during the day. but then i saw what i thought was a 
wire suspending the light from something, then i realised that 
it was a plume of smoke rising up from the light and that the 
light was actually a fireball. i immediately rang my fiancee 
to get her to look, but she couldn't see anything and by the 
time i got home it had vanished. my other half thought it 
might have been a meteorite or shooting star but the light 
wasn't going in a downward trajectory it was travelling level 
and that there wasn't a tail behind it. if any one has seen 
it in the graet wakering or shoebury area please email me so 
i know that i am not seeing things. email


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