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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Tuesday, August 12, 1997 at 19:26:45
name: Eugene Fields
location: Shinnacock Hulls, NY
date: 5/18/97
time: 2:20AM

I saw the very same objects out here on the Tip Of Long Island..

A star (Object?) suddenly moved approx 2" off, at 45 degrees Then 30 seconds or so later it jumped another 2 inches at 45 DEGREES the opposite direction, northeast and abruptly stopped another 20 seconds, The zigged in the opposite direction.

Then after about 10 minutes another object appeared moving in the same Zig Zag pattern It seemed half mile away to my left.

This was at about 2:30 AM as I retired to my bedroom upstairs and looked out at the stars which is my custom.

I was extremely energized and riveted by this sighting as it confirmed the reality, finally after many years to myself.

It shook me in a profound way...This was indeed not childs play or bit of Fancy. This star? moved Zig Zag and continued to move for all of 20 min. till out of view. Along with the second ship.

I received this telepathically 6 yrs ago. I had nearly written it of as a self creation or overactive imagination, now I see perhaps it actually is a part of the awakening of our planet sometime in my lifetime...:


A Message From Our Family:

Oh, Great Being of the Earth! Know that as you even doubt your worth your race, is the most advanced of the Creation, and, as such, Ye are even studied, by other life forms, with a seemingly advanced culture. However, do not be deceived! As they have come from the heavens. Know, Great Being OF Earth, They Seek to study, You, As they have traveled through dimensions and space unimaginable as yet to you, to gaze on you.

For, as Ye have little Technology compared to them, Know, Ye Great Beings of Earth, that within your structures, are more capabilities than ever possible, with any life form, before! Those who seem so far advanced, as they are able to appear and disappear at will, can never develop to the capacity 'possible and inherent' in YOU! They Know this and seek to integrate these seemingly benign powers to integrate them for themselves. This is not to be however as they have violated 'Creations Laws' in order to bring this about. They shall meet with limited success.

Once, you unlock the secrets, of consciousness. This will give you 'Your Powers in the Great', as you Now Have, In the Small. You will Inherit your Destiny, with 'The Creation' and will 'in a form' govern the heavens.

Some other life forms marvel and fear, at your completeness, and your capacities. Your composition, is the most complete visualized as of yet by the 'Creation'. You, have simply to begin to harness the powers given you, waiting dormant, for thousands of years, in your brains. This is happening at an accelerated rate now. Presently the majority is unaware, asleep.

As your Science, Technology and Spiritual converge, this will become apparent to all. As to unlocking, the key to power, simply, align your experience, with love and respect, for the Creation. As simple as this command is, It has yet to be heeded. This will take place in the generations to come. Never fear, you have spanned the abyss and arrived, triumphant. We in the heavens salute you, though now you seem as 'children to yourselves'. 'The Creation' has endowed itsí most complete set of functions, in your cells. The Universe awaits your simple 'Recognition of this fact'. Go in Love...XXX

Transmission through,
Eugene Fields

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}