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From: "Martin Fishback"
Subject: Abuiqui, NM
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 22:34:57

July 1997 I saw slow moving lights out of receeding thunderclouds around
the reservoir at Abuiqui (spelling?), the home of Georgia O'Keefe. These
were shapeless lights almost if one played the bright sun image from a
mirror and darted about rapidly as if one was playing a mirror about a

I camp next to the reservoir during each summer. I travel out of the way
places in New Mexico and Colorado each year. This was my first sighting
anywhere. I would be most interested to learn if anyone else has reported
lights near the reservoir.

Thanks for considering this longcoming report. I shall be out there again
this year; there and the San Luis Valley.

Martin Fishback
Largo, Florida


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